This morning I decided on the spur of the moment to take the kids on a picnic at Kaiteriteri beach. it was so sunny and for a change wind free that it seemed like a good idea. So we packed up some lunch, threw some extra clothes in a bag for Katie, grabbed the picnic basket and put togs on 2 Barbie’s (don’t ask!) and jumped in the car.

After stopping to fill up the car we turned off at Brightwater and followed the Moutere highway for a change (we normally go down the coastal highway) and into Motueka where we stopped at the Warehouse to grab hats for Katie and I and then it was off to the beach.

when we got to Kaiteri it was crowded, seems like everyone had the same idea as us, so Steve suggested we go to Marahua, just over the hill he said,  only 6 km he said! yea ok just over a very very windy narrow 6km hill. Not a road to be recommended. And most of the beach is more inlet than beach but in saying that…its one of loveliest spots if you don’t want the crowds of the more popular beaches. We found a nice spot off the beaten path that was very private and in the sun and out of the breeze and had an awesome couple of hours playing on the sanding and just relaxing…it was great. Worth the almost hour drive. And we came back another way which wasn’t nearly as windy or narrpix 024ow, not to mention a lot quicker. An d followed the coastal highway back. By the time we got home though I remembered why I don’t drive far these days. My ankle is swollen like a balloon and flipping sore but it is coming right already so it was worth it.

I took some great photos and Steve took a few of Katie and I like this one. she kept stealing my hat and replacing it with hers. Of course she decided they were cowboy hats and we had to go weeha while we were playing lol…she’s so funny. And I managed to catch some classic shots of Steve  making sand angels lol and Katie trying to copy himpix 042. How is it I had such mad kids?

on the way home Katie went to sleep and Steve and I talked about random things as we do when we are in the car and he decided he was going on own a bar one day (we had just passed a pub at the time) and he would call it  Steve Inn lol….that is of course after he has been in the Air force and been a commercial airline pilot  and travelled the world and become rich….big plans this boy of mine.

and now….Katie has just had her bath, I am resting my ankle and Steve is making up new words….I wont tell you what they are….just remember…he is 16 lol.

Tomorrow its back to life as normal…Steve back at school and Katie and I at home doing nothing….well actually I think I might pop into the Spotlight VIP sale.

anyway that’s a long enough blog for one night…..hope you didn’t flake out halfway through.

hope everyone had as enjoyable Sunday as I did.



PS…a ford won Bathurst…I am sooo depressed lol….well no not really but I am a Holden fan so its a sad day for Holden fans


One thought on “Marahua

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! Those “secret” beaches are definitely the best ones … harder to get to, but quieter and usually prettier too 🙂

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