Friday night

Its Friday night again and not much happening. Steve is busy cutting out pictures of fable 2 and sticking them onto a piece of cardstock but he tells me its not scrapbooking because he is way to manly to do scrapbooking lol….I remember the day not that many years ago when he loved scrapbooking…but he’s a big boy now lol.

well we went to the open day at Richmond Early Learning Centre today, Katie starts there on the 28th and what an awesome centre. Newly built and so well set out. there are three separate areas for each age group. Katie will be in the 2 to 3 1/2 year olds or Pohutukawa group. We met her teachers, Andi and Dixie who are lovely ladies. Its so exciting for both of us, its been so long in coming. I put off putting her into a centre until we decided if we were selling or not and then there was a shortage of places at child care centre’s around Richmond and I really wanted her somewhere that would nurture her intelligence. its the perfect environment for her and she loved being there which is a good sign.

its been a busy week this week but i seem to be going in circles and getting nothing done. In a way I am glad its the over. its just been one of those weeks.

Now I am off to bed with a good book.

have a good weekend all


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