the addiction returns

I reinstalled Sims 2 on my computer today, and invested in two more expansion packs, one of which doesn’t work on my laptop sigh. And then of course I had to download a pile of objects to add to it and then start building families and houses and…well lets just say the better part of this evening was spent playing lol.

I got a wee surprise in the mail today. I won a DVD from a competition I entered ages ago. didn’t even know I had won so it was a nice surprise. the DVD is is called Definitely Maybe and I haven’t seen it before which is odd considering I am a DVD junkie lol.

I also got the goodies I brought off Scrapbook Outlet through trademe finally arrived today. Poor old Andrea is working her butt off getting ready for SENZ which means no kits until its all over 😦 and of course I get to get jealous cos everyone is going to SENZ cept me lol…ok maybe not everyone.

Did anyone else watch After Shock tonight….scary huh? but well done. I was watching and telling Steve where the different rellies up there live. Its been a while since I have been up to Wellington but Mum and Dad grew up there.

anyway I am off to bed….all those off to SENZ have a wonderful time and I expect to hear about EVERYTHING….and here’s hoping for an earthquake free weekend 🙂




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