what not to do

There was a bit of a mix up today, I thought Steve was watching Katie and he thought I was. I was scrapbooking and he was playing Xbox and Katie was running riot.

What not to do….let your 2 1/2 year old loose without keeping an eye on her…and why? check out the photos, she emptied an entire packet ofpix 001 Ricies all over the house….not just the kitchen but the lounge and for reasons unknown, she stripped my bed and spread them through my bed. Punishment for not being there? possibly and I deserve it. I never leave her alone for more than a few minutes at a time. The only reason she was left this afternoon was because I thought Steve was with her, he was before I went into my scrap room and I did ask him to keep an eye on her but when I came out to wash some stamps he thought I had finished and went off to play Xbox. Anyway this is a result of half an hour wipix 002thout supervision, the room was tidy before she decided she need ricies and then she decided to “clean up” lol, which meant feeding ricies into the vacuum cleaner nozzle one at a time lol….she was so cute telling me “I cleaning Mummy”  how cute is she?  at least she did try and clean up after herself. It only took Steve and I 10 minutes to tidy the lounge and kitchen but it took almost half an hour to clean up the mess in my room and remake my bed…the reason, one small girl jumping on the bed lol. and hiding in the blankets lol…..such a helpful little girl.


on the upside I did complete a mini book to send to Shane today. Its only taken me 6 month to get it done but I knocked it off in an afternoon.  I am really get into making mini books now. so quick and easy to make and they are such lovely personal presents.

anyway watching Extreme makeover home edition…this is such a cool program. I love it.

take care all




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