trying out something new

After mucking around heaps trying to get the security right on the WordPress website I decided to skip the online editor and use Windows Live Writer instead. well I will see how it goes anyway. So this is my practice post to see if its any good.

Drama last night. I was getting Katie ready for her bath and discovered a rash of wee blisters on her chest. These sort of things scares me and my instant thought was meningitis or something equally as nasty so I called the emergency doctor and took her straight in to get checked. The doctor suspects shingles! which I didn’t think kids got but apparently they do. She has had a cough since Friday night and was running a wee temperature yesterday but in the way of kids…today she’s got a bit of a runny nose and her eyes are a wee bit on  the droopy side…a sure sign she’s not well, but the rash is a lot smaller and she is happy enough and getting into mischief. Trust me to worry about nothing lol. but better safe than sorry and I wouldn’t have slept a wink last night if I hadn’t of got her checked. As it is I was up with her at 2am, she was back to sleep by about 2.30 after a bout of coughing. No coughing today though….kids are so strange lol

I got the sketchbook fortnight challenge done on Saturday so now I just need to get a photo taken and upload it then I can start playing with the 45 new photos that arrived from Snapfish the other day 🙂 they had a promotion, 1 cent a print so I got my whole album that I had uploaded done. Plus I got a photo of Dad and Katie that I took awhile back blown up so I can get it framed for dad for Xmas. He will love it. this is the photoShanes n Famz Trip 2 NZ 051, I took to a Tahuni in May after Dad took her for a walk on the beach that ended up being a swim at the beach lol. Luck it was a very warm day though she still ended up with a cold and he ended up being growled by Mum and I lol. Seems to me that all the best photos I have of Dad and Katie have been taken on the beach. But then that is one of the reasons we came back to this area of the country, no where in New Zealand has beaches as beautiful as Nelson and the bays 🙂

anyway time to publish this and see how it works and then I might squeeze in a wee bit of scrapbook time while Katie watches her favorite DVD 🙂

enjoy your day all




One thought on “trying out something new

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry to hear about the shingles – I hope Katie feels better soon.
    Have fun playing with your new photos. I ordered about 100 prints from Snapfish on Friday, couldn’t pass up that 1 cent deal (but of course I always get more than 50, LOL).
    Love the photo of your Dad & Katie on the beach.

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