look what I got!

I got a surprise delivery yesterday. My big brother Shane in Aussie sent me a basket of goodies. After all the stress of refiancing he thought I deserved a treat.

basket of goodies

basket of goodies

its full of chocolates and macadamia nuts and lollies and all sorts of lovely treats and I am mean and wont let the kids open it lol. Though Steve and I did share one of the chocolate bars last night and it was yummy.

I rung Shane last night to thank him and had a good yak. Of all my siblings (3 brothers and 1 sister) he’s my favourite.

well we had a bit of a shock the other day. After about 8 years Steve got a letter from his father. Poor kid didnt know how to feel. Last time he saw his father he was only about 8. Anyway it took a near death experience(click on link to see the story) for David to realise how much he was missing and want to get in touch with the boys. If he hurts them again the sharks will look like a good alternative after I am through with him. He included a phone number so Steve called him, it took him an hour to work up the courage. he had a good talk to him which was great. Is it bad off me to say I dont trust the guy as far as I could throw him? I have picked up the peices all the times he has hurt the boys and spent years building them up again and now he waltz back into their lives and expects to pick up where he left off! they arent the little boys he deserted all those years ago, they are young men and fantastic ones at that, no thanks to him….it just makes me angry that he could so easily hurt them again. I want to feel happy for the boys, they missed a lot not having him around all these years but it worries me too.

anyway the housework hasnt been done yet so I better get on so I can have some time to work on the sketchbook challenge this afternoon. have a great day all




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