senior moments and miracles

Here I am I sitting back feeling so smug about finishing my layout for the Sketchbook SBO fortnightly challenge on Saturday but its only finished when its uploaded into the gallery right? lol I kind of forgot that step. But its been done on time despite the fact that the gallery saying that it was already closed, thanks Hannah for leting us know that it doesnt close until midnight.

So one senior moment for me…seem to having a lot of those lately…maybe I should blame the medication.

and the miracles…well just one…After me trying to get Katie to sleep for over an hour She starts calling for Steve (which of course made me feel so good…NOT!) and he lay down next to her and she was sound asleep within 5 minutes…what does he do that I dont? Mind you, Katie will do anything for her big brother, she adores him. She calls him Da and He calls her Bo and they are so close its lovely to see.

You would not believe the beautiful velvet ric rak I got at Spotlight yesterday. Its American Craft ribbon and was only $1.75 a roll of 4 metres and so many beautiful colours. being a very tactile person I love the feel of the velvet.

I am in the middle of making a mini book for Dad for his birthday which is 2 days away. its not going to ready on time but hes use to me being late with everything lol…and it will take a few days to get to Haast anyway. I let Katie lose with paints and brushes and rollers for the pages, she did a lovely job of painting each page with greens, browns and blues and had great fun doing it and made it very special for her beloved Gandad.

I will take some photos before I send it off, I have only made one other mini book before and that was about 3 years ago lol.

anyway bed time…night night all




One thought on “senior moments and miracles

  1. Hannah says:

    Yeah, sorry about the deadline thing. I think it was accidentally changed to “closed” when the new sketch was put in a new gallery (yet to be revealed!) so thanks for pointing it out so I could fix it up.
    Loved your entry, too. Thanks for joining in!

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