i didnt win lotto

I was suppose to win Lotto tonight, I have had these reacuring dream that I win $18 million in Loto…oh well back to dreaming I suppose…but just imagine what scrapbook goodies you could buy with that much money in the bank…ALL of them lol…dreams are free! Maybe I was suppose t win the $20 Mill its jackpoted to

Talking of scrapbooking, the Love Elsie Recipe Box I brought of trademe arrived today…wahooo it is so cool. I want to try all of the ideas…NOW lol…it makes me want to scrapbook my wee heart out. I love Love Elsie!

And more on the subject, I finished my layout for Hannah’s sketch today and I must say it was a lot of fun. I tried a few new things and used a few new things…like the very funky cupcake stamp I brought off trademe from StampnScrap and the flock I got from SBO a wee while back and have only tried once. I stamped and scraped and fiddled most of the afternoon, I was just in one of those fiddly moods today.

And one more thing on that subject…I am not the brightest cookie in the bunch at times. I did the layout below for the Naught or Nice submission for Up2Scrap but what I didnt bother to check was when it was due…smart girl that I am sent it in 5 days late…duh Vicky!! oh well….at least I finally got around to scrapping the photos of my crazy sons and I can share it too lol.


Naughty and Nice 🙂

journalling for layout

journalling for layout

And thats all on scrapbook front.

I do need to do two small Yahoos….One….Steve and his mate Carlo are resident heros today…they used the skills learnt in Electronics at school to fix my laptop cord, well at least keep it working well enough to get me through until the new one arrives. Arent they heros? they are so smart and know it lol.
and Yahoo number two…Katie is in bed sound asleep before 9pm for the 3rd night in a row! yipee…and it took less than an hour to get her to sleep…things are improving…long may it last.
and now…hmmm might go trademe cruising before I go to bed.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend one and all

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