the good and the bad

well good news,…..Katie is asleep after a small battle, and in her own bed.  YAY a break through. Last night she woke up at about 10.30 after a bad dream and it took about an hour to get her back to sleep but she did stay and her own bed. I think we are finally starting to get somewhere toward improving her sleep patterns but time will tell….I need her in a routine again before she starts pre-school next month.

The bad news is, my laptop cord has bit the dust! it broke off at the connection. So annoying because they cost a bomb to to get new ones. I got it fixed a few weeks ago but it didnt last long so I have finally admitted defeat and brought a new one off trademe, at least it didnt cost me the $200 + I was quoted from Noel Lemmings.  I means I have to wait until next week for it to arrive which means bugger all computer time for me. Frustration!

Oh well never mind. I will have to see I can tape it up until the new one arrives but right now…I am off to bed…theres nothing on TV. I missed the end of the movie which i was enjoying but by the time I got Katie to bed I got back in time to see the credits rolling sigh…story of my life.

well night night all

have a good weekend




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