miracles will never cease

its a miacle or all miracles, Katie is sound asleep. After last night of the fight of all fights and finally getting her to sleep somewhere after midnight, tonight she had an early dinner and bath and then curled up beside me on the couch while I was watching very important Tim Holtz videos on youtube and she was sound asleep but 6.45pm ohhhhh BLISS. Maybe I should play her Tim Holtz videos more often lol….well actually I think it was more a case of a very very late night and an equally busy day.

I had to drop the car in for a service and warrent today so Katie and I walked home, it took us over an hour but it was a great walk. She walked most of it but I had to put her in the pushchair a few times, mainly when we were forced to walk on the road. A lack of footpaths is one of the joys of living in the country.  So that wore her out, then I kept her busy most of the afternoon playing silly games and play-dough and anything else I could think of until she started getting really ratty about 5ish, then it was dinner and a nice long bubble bath and then she was asleep hardly 10 mins after she was in her PJ’s. And I am so tired lol….I think I might go have a wee play in my scrapbook room before I go to bed. Don’t think I will last long…might as well get a decent sleep while I can….She will probably be up very early.

I want to get a start on the Sketchbook SBO fortnightly sketch, Hannah’s sketch is awesome and uses one of my very favourite things, diecut paper. 

Night night




One thought on “miracles will never cease

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds like Tim Holtz should do some bedtime stories on You Tube! 😀
    Glad you found something that worked (even if it was a combination of the long walk, lots of games, bath & videos). Hopefully you will catch up on some “me time” or sleep!

    Looking forward to seeing your take on my sketch 🙂

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