Wednesday again

No wahoot this week…I am tired and a bit grumpy…Katie hasn’t been to sleep before 10pm for almost a week, sometimes as late as midnight and its wearing me out. I have tried every trick in the book to get her to bed on time but nothing works, when miss stubborn chooses not to sleep neither hell nor high water will make her. So more patients and more perseverance and one very tired me sigh…this too will pass.

I have had little time for myself this last week, it took me 3  days to finish one layout. If it wasn’tfor Steve I would have had no time at all….he has been a real big help, taking Katie so I can put my feet up and have a hot cuppa occasionally but hes busy with his exams and I don’t like to put to much on him, hes got enough on his plate.

Today he didn’t have an exam so took her for a walk up the Nelson Cathedralsteps while I was in talking to the insurance broker. She loved it, he let her run up and down the steps and hopefully wear herself out but its now 8.25 and shes still wide awake sigh. She’s not being naughty or causing chaos, just playing with her crayons and watching a dvd (Little Princess again!) I have discovered if I force her to go to bed and she gets upset before she goes to sleep she inevitably wakes several times and gets really upset but if I let her go in her own time she sleeps really well. Last night we lay in my bed watching one of her dvd’s on my computer until she feel asleep about 10ish and she didnt wake until 9.30am. So when she sleeps she sleeps really well…just not early enough.

On the upside and a wee wahoot…Katie has been accepted to Richmond Early Learning Centre which opens in mid October, She starts on the 28th of October for 6 hours a week….YIPEEE….That means she gets to have social time and I get to have ME TIME ohhhhh YAHOOO lol….and the center is just down the road from the swimming pool so I can go back to swimming a couple of times a week like I use too…I cant wait. It will be good for both of us.

I love my DD, shes the center of my world, but as every Mum knows, you have to have some ME time and right now I am desperate for some ME time. its not a problem when Mum and Dad are home, there is always someone there when I need some time out but their away in Haast whitebaiting for another 2 months yet. So that leaves…welll ME and sometimes Steve but I made the biggest mistake today….I brought Steve an XBox…well actually he paid for half…so now I wont see him unless there is a major power failure or something lol…he has been working so hard and saving so hard that I promised to go halves with him on the proviso that he doesnt forget to study or do his chores. And right now…he is one happy camper…Hes hooked it up to Dads big 42 inch tv and is happy as can be. He deserves it, hes such a good boy.

and now….for my little show off for the day….I finally finished this a few days ago, took awhile.

My 3

My 3


I love the PP’sthat come with this months SBOkit and the stamps.  I am mad of bird stamps and thought the wee owls that came with a kit a while back suited the whole idea of the 3 kids.

anyway thats my babble tonight…I am off to trademe to check out some of the auctions on my watchlist 🙂

night night all




One thought on “Wednesday again

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, that must be tiring for you. I really take my hat off to parents who have to deal with sleep issues, and then to do it without heaps of support as well … you’re doing a great job and the best you can do. I’m sure this will pass, and in the meantime, just think about the “me time” you will be getting soon! ((hugs))

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