the terrible 2s, potty training and other disasters

its the weekend again yay! not that it really makes much difference to me but its nice to know it exsists lol. This week has been so long I was sick of it before it was half over lol. With all the hassle of the refinancing of the house finally almost settled there was trips to the bank, trips to the lawyer and papers to sign and endless emails and phone calls but it should be finished now, by yesterday I was ready to murder the lawyer who was mucking around and not answer my phone calls and emails and finally got his secretary to call to let me know I could sign the final papers and of course it was at a time when Katie was tired after a restless night and a very early (5am sigh) morning. So while trying to talk to the secretary Katie decides she has had enough and throws a tantrum and then does a runner, outside and down the road. Talk about drive me MAD!

Katie has taken the terrible twos to a whole new level lately, talk about miss drama queen. and to top it off we have started the dreaded potty training this week. She’s more than ready but also completely stubborn…doesnt want to wear nappies but doesnt want to sit on the potty either.  Its all about perseverece right? and being more stubborn than this little girl of mine. For good or bad she takes after me, born stubborn! Lucky for me I have years more experience at being stubborn lol

On the brightside last night she slept for 12 hours straight and IN HER OWN BED…ohhhhhh blisssssss…it doesnt happen often but its been 3 nights this week that she has slept in her own bed. the only reason being is she has fallen asleep cuddled up on the couch with blankie and me and i have got Steve to carry her to her own bed wrapped in her blankie. She always did sleep better wrapped as a small baby, and obviously still does. If it works I am going with it lol…anything for a bit of peace and some time out!

On a completely other subject…my order from Crafty tarts arrived yesterday, Thanks Kate! and the grungeboard I have been waiting so long for is finally here!! YAY!!! I am hoping to get some time today to finish the layout I started using the SBO kit the other day. it just needs a little finishing touch.  Then I will take a photo and show off lol.

But first….its off to do housework and make a tent for DD as promised (she saw a tent on her Little Princess DVD and now wants one.) we have been drowning in Little Princess lately, it started with the books by Tony Ross, I got 3 on sale at witcholls last year and she loves them, then we discovered the dvds at the warehouse so I brought one….she watched it so often I knew it word for word…one has now extended to three and She watchs them all the time. I have to hide them to get her away from the TV lol. But today is a nice day so if I make a tent outside and she can take her dollys out there and have tea parties she will stay outside for ages, esp if I turn the TV off at the wall lol. Shes addicated to Playhouse Disney after the wet weeks we have had lately.

well off to do the necessary…have you ever noticed that house work doesnt do its self? I will leave you with this thought I got by email from my friend Lynda the other day. If nothing else…it will give you a smile!

the truth

the truth


One thought on “the terrible 2s, potty training and other disasters

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh, sounds like a bit of a rough few days! I’m sure it’s just a stage Katie is going through. But yes, I know how tough the terrible 2’s can be. Hang in there!

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