sunshine and scrapping

Finally the sun! no rain for 3 days now…oh bliss…could live without the wind but it beats the rain.

I spent a productive weekend, I downloaded a demo of Cricut Design Studio on friday night and spent the weekend playing with it to see if its something I might need and it most definitly IS. I had a ball cutting titles and borders and anything else I could think of lol, and discovered that using Glimmer Mist on titles looks great lol.

I also did this layout for the Sketchbook SBO fortnightly challenge and one for the celebrity challenge from Robyn Werlich which I still need to take a photo of. Its good to feel inspired again. Cruising around the Sketchbook Forum does that to me, its fun to check out all the challenges and take part. I havent been doing to well keeping up all the forums I’m a member of so I have decided to stick to just a few, SBO, Sketchbook and Scrapbox. I am trying to simplfy my life.

I have one challenge to do and thats the september challenge from Scrapbox I love the sketch, its so cool.

I had a bit of set back last week, I finally got brave enough to submit a layout to Scrapbooking Memories and it was rejected. Oh well it was only the first time and I enjoyed doing the layout and I have to remind myself that is the reason I scrapbook….not to get recognition but because I enjoy it. This is the layout, the photo was taken when Katie was sick a few weeks ago and the journalling tells the story of how her eyes tell me how she feels.

Your eyes hold the key

Your eyes hold the key

Well I better go take a photo of the celeb layout while I can take it into the sun. I have discovered taking photos in my office makes for a very dark photo that doesnt do any justice to the layout. the photo I took of the forntightly challenge didnt come out at all well, its colours are brighter and the whole thing looks better than the photo shows. its hard to get a good photo.
happy Monday everyone

One thought on “sunshine and scrapping

  1. Hannah says:

    That’s a lovely layout, Vicky. Don’t give up submitting, but just keep scrapping for YOU and submit if you want to, that way you’re not compromising anything but you still have a chance of getting published.

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