where were You?

7 years ago today, 9/11, thousands of people suffered in an event that made the whole world stop. Where were you when you heard?

I was walking into work at Karoro Adult Learning Centre in Greymouth, having just dropped my boys off at primary school. There was a tv set up in the main classroom when I walked in and I remember my first question was “whats the movie, great special effects”

I will never forget that stupid comment, it just looked so unreal. Things like that only happened on movies. People were jumping from windows, there was fire everywhere….it couldnt be real…but it was far to real.

my first thoughts were of my friends over there, Kevin who had been a chat buddy of mine for more than 2 years and was in the National Guard and Mikey, a kiwi friend who was a truck drive based just out side of Washington. Straight away I was sitting at the nearest computer emailling them. and saying a quiet prayer for them and all those poor innocent people, most especially the children.

the next day Kevin was at ground zero with his squadron and an email from Mikey saying he had been outside the pentagon an hour before the plane hit.

so much has happened in the last 7 years but somethings should never be forgotten


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