why is never enough chocolate?

I am completely sure that there is just enough biscuts in a packet of sultana pasties to make you want just one more lol…mind you I was sharing with a hungry teenage boy lol….maybe thats a good thing….my waistline doesnt need any encoragement to expand! But there is simply never enough chocolate when you need it the most!! lol

anyway whoo hoot Wednesday

  1. everyone in the house has finally got over all the various illness plaguing us for the last month.
  2. its spring, even if its still raining, its offically spring! And Nelson is coming back to life after a very long winter. There are all sorts of festivals and fairs etc in the next few months. Its going to be a lot of fun
  3. Steve’s mid term exams start on Friday, not a wahoot for him but I know he will do well. hes so clever
  4. I ran into Claire in the mall today and She and Simon are coming for coffee on Friday…at last…some adult conversation lol. They are the most awesome couple, Simon has been a good friend and Claire and I have become friends since they moved over from the UK last year. We dont get together nearly often enough.

and thats my wahoots this week, not many but its been a quiet week.

I have been reading a bit about a few scrapbook retreats going on in the next few months and I so want to go to one but there all so far away and even if they were closer I couldnt go. It would be nice to meet some of the people who’s blogs I read.

well maybe one day when Katie gets older, right now she doesnt like me out of her sight even long enough to have a decent shower. She’s missing her Nanny and Gandad, shes not the only one. I dont realise how much Mum does for me until shes away.

time for me to go cuddle up with a good book and listen to the rain lol

night night




2 thoughts on “why is never enough chocolate?

  1. Hannah says:

    I find the opposite with those particular bikkies … I think it’s because they are dark chocolate and I find it too rich if I have too much. But mallowpuffs or toffee pops … now there’s a bikkie I could eat & eat & eat!!!! LOL

    I hope one day we are able to meet up in real life at a scrapbooking retreat! It’s a shame the Auckland one is too far away. But you’re right, maybe when Katie is older you’ll be able to go to one.

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