spring layout

all the photos I took on Sunday inspired me to do a multi photo layout yesterday. It was fun working with fresh spring colours and let my imagination roam a little. And the result, a mix of felt butterflies, transparent bird, rubons and of course a few flowers. I even added some flock to a few brads just because I could lol.

Spring Layout

Spring Layout

not the best photo but since its not for anything special, just for the sake of sharing, I didnt spend much time getting a decent shot lol. Plus its hard to get a decent photo when its wet and dark like it has been the last few days. I am offically over rain, yes….again! lol. After 2 beautiful days over the weekend it made me hate the rain even more and now its got into my joints again and I am all achy and depressed and sad today. And really tired. Katie had a nightmare last night, took me ages to get her back to sleep and then I couldnt get back to sleep.

On the upside, I finally finished the canvas I have been working on for the last few weeks. I will take a photo later before I hang it up in Katie’s room.

anyway time to go. things to do etc etc lol….




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