fathers day

well fathers day in our family is always pretty much a non event but I got a txt last night from Jodi wishing me a happy fathers day lol.

well its raining again, oh joy! lol, its been such a lovely weekend, real spring weather that we got out for a couple of nice long walks and spent a lot of time just enjoying the lovely sunshine. Just as well we did as it maybe a few days before we see some more. this rain looks like its settled in for awhile. at least its not cold, the windows are wide open and it smells lovely and fresh which is just as well because Katie has a bit of diarrhea again and that smells anything but fresh lol. Poor babe, shes been getting it a bit lately. For the first time in ages shes got a real appetite and is eating everything in sight but her wee tummy cant handle it. I had her at the Doc on wednesday and she said just to watch her diet and keep her on bland foods but its been so long since I have seen her eat like this that its really hard to limit her. Luck she loves things like rice crackers and toast which are things shes allowed.

well the housework is pretty much finished, Katie is happily watching her dvd and I dont know what to do next. Must be time to do a bit of scrapping. have a nice Monday everyone




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