one of those “sink through the floor” moments

Believe me when I say I adore my daughter but there are times when I could happily run and hide. This afternoon we had to go into Richmond Mall to take Steve’s glasses in to get a screw put in. Of course Miss Madam did not want to stand still and wait while they were repaired. She ran around the shop, climbed under the chairs and general made a nuisance of herself. It took a bit longer to find the right size screw so of course she got bored and wanted to go NOW MUMMY! (don’t these toddler types ever request anything quietly?) then it was down on the floor in a tantrum but that was not the worst of it. For reasons unknown to anyone but her little majesty she decided that she didn’t need pants on any more. so she promptly removed her pants and nappy and proceeded to run around half naked!!!! I WANTED TO SINK INTO THE FLOOR NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN.  Ever tried to catch a semi naked squirming toddler in mid tantrum and put pants on them? not a recommended Sunday afternoon practice. I can see the funny side of it now but at that moment I could of been anywhere else quite happily!!! I will be saving this little story for…ohhhh I don’t know…a 21st? the first boyfriend she brings home? just a shame I didnt have my camera handy lol.

Before the “Event” we had been for a stroll through Washbourn Gardens and I had been practicing my not so great camera skills. It was so beautiful with all the flowers in bloom and everything lovely and green. I took heaps of photos but the best ones were of the tulip tree with the sun coming through it and the most magical of moments, watching a butterfly collect nectar from a flower close up, that was awesome all though Miss 2 said it was a ukky fluffyfly! But everything to her is ukky or ewww at the moment. She refused to walk and demanded that Steve carried her on his shoulders.

Tulip Tree in Bloom

Tulip Tree in Bloom



Monarch FluffyFly

Monarch FluffyFly

It was a nice relaxing stroll in the sunshine, and showed me just how much I have to learn about my camera, I spent nearly 10 minutes trying to get the settings right for a photo of a miniature daffodil, I just couldn’t get the aperture right. Its a lot harder to get a nice clear close up shot with this camera than with my old one.
anyway time to start dinner.
have a nice night, hope you all had an enjoyable fathers day.

One thought on “one of those “sink through the floor” moments

  1. Hannah says:

    Ah yes, I’ve had a few of those moments where I’ve wished the ground would just swallow me up. They don’t happen so much now, so it’s probably just an age thing and she’ll soon grow out of it. Best of all, YOU are the one who will remember it the longest, NOT the people who may have observed it happening (they will have forgotten already)!

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