It’s offically spring but this is what is outside my door this morning

Spring Rain?

Spring Rain?

rain, rain and yes thats right…more rain. I have never known it to be so wet here. Sunny Nelson is definitely not living up to its name lately. its rained for so long I cant remember the last really sunny day. And there is so much pollen in the air despite the rain that everyone is sneezing and wheezing, me included sigh.

But I have brought a little spring inside in the form of some beautiful daffodils. Daffodils have a special meaning to me, they were the first and the last flowers Chris gave me. We met on Daffodil Day in 2002 and he died two days after Daffodil day 2004. So I always get Daffodils as a memorial to him.  I will never forget the last daffodils he gave me. it was the day before he died and he went down to the paddock and picked me the



only 2 Daffodils that were there. Then he brought them up to the house and gave me a huge kiss and cuddle before he gave them to me. Would you believe I saved them and dried them and used them on a scrapbook layout. One of my first. Not exactly the best scrapbook layout but I didnt really have a clue what I was doing back then. I was just the start of my addication.

I would love to hear more stories of first layouts or first albums. what started you scrapbooking?

anyway this is not getting anything done. I need to brave the weather and go into Richmond to do a few jobs. wish me luck lol.

take care all




One thought on “SPRING?????

  1. Hannah says:

    I think it’s lovely that daffodils have such a special meaning, and the ones you picked today could brighten even a rainy day! Sorry about the rain you are getting, but I did read Spring is supposed to be much drier, so hopefully it won’t last long at all 🙂

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