Little Shop of Sketches

Well my time as GD for little shop of sketches is almost over. I am not sure if its finished already or not, I havent heard from Tanya Leigh so cant be sure. Nor has she posted last weeks layouts on the blog so I hope everything is ok with her. I know she is very busy getting the new shop up and running. I dont know how she does it, a new shop, classes, at least 2 blogs and the forum and on top of that, children and visting international students…makes my head spin reading her blogs sometimes.

I totally love the sketches shes been sending, shes got a real talent! I felt so lucky when I got picked as a GD and have had a great time doing the layouts though its been hard at times with being sick and Katie getting sick etc, all and all its been a bit of a tough month. But its been a very good scrapbooking month lol.

here is my latest layout, I used some of the stuff from the latest SBO kit which was AWESOME, nothing like bright colours to brighten up a miserable winter

girl at play

girl at play


now i am off to eat the beautiful fluffy omlete that Steve made me for dinner, hes practicing for his cooking class. and I hate cooking….works out good for both of us and he makes the best fluffy omletes i have ever tasted.

later one and all




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