confession time

i have a confession to make, I love cheerleader movies lol…I watched the 4th Bring It On movie on Sunday and it was good. I wish I could have been a cheerleader, looks like a lot of fun. I was a gymnast for years when i was a kid but I always secretly wished I could be a dancer. I hope Katie gets a dream like that and gets to follow it. I never got the chance, the joys of growing up in a small town I suppose.

Katie is a very sick wee girl at the moment. She had me up half the night last night, shes been coughing so hard its scares her and me too. I took her to the doctor this afternoon and she has a pretty bad ear infection and a chest infection as well as a bit of croup, poor wee honey. shes asleep on the couch next to me at the moment, she wont be separatedfrom me at the moment She has slept with me for the last few nights and no doubly it will be a couple of nights before she goes back to her own bed. I would rather have her close when shes like this.  Last night I rung the healthline, she was so lethargic she wouldn’t wake up properly at about 6ish, she had been asleep since 4pm and I thought I would have to take her to the hospital she was coughing and had a really high temperature. The nurse on the healthline said it sounded like croup. the doctor has put her on penicillin so hopefully it will fix her up. i hate it when the kids are sick, you feel so useless.

To make matters worse I still have a bad cough left over from the chest infection I had last week, I just cant shake it. the Dr gave me an inhaler and I have been using that far more than I would like but it does help but my chest hurts from all the coughing so I can only imagine how much Katie’s wee chest hurts, her cough is a lot worse than mine. Poor baby. I brought her a wheat bag today that has lavenderin it and looks like a stuffed monkey and that seems to help her breatha bit easier.shes cuddling it right now. She cuddled up to it on my lap with a wee muttered “my monkey monkey” and went straight to sleep at about 7ish. Now I am waiting for her to stir so I can give her some more panmol and cough mixture and get her PJ’s on. she wouldn’t let me before and I didnt see the point of upsetting her. Its all about keeping little Miss calm at the moment.

Mum and Dad left for Haast and the whitebait season on Sunday and as usual its far to quiet around here.  But peaceful lol…I love living with my parents but its good to see them go away for a while, it gives all of us some space. Though it looks like this will be their last year going to Haast, most of their friends arentgoing any more and its a long way to go. With Dad’s health its not a good idea for them to be so isolated but does he listen? hell no! MEN!! lol of course that means I might get to go to SENZ next year if they will be home to look after Katie lol…heres hoping…depends where it is of course.

anyway time to get this girl changed and get her into bed. night night




2 thoughts on “confession time

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that Katie is sick. Ethan suffered from croup regularly as a toddler, so I know it’s very scary. But the good news is that it usually starts to get better after 3-4 days. Sitting on the bathroom floor with the shower on HOT for about 5 min before going to bed really helped open Ethan’s airway and allowed him to breathe more easily. Just a suggestion that might help Katie as well.

  2. Christi says:

    Hehehe, I know this post is a wee bit old but wanted to comment 😉 I like cheerleader movies too and dancing ones! Love ’em 😉 I’m the same and it’s it like me getting to experience those things. I soooooooo want my girls to do one or the other. I don’t think cheerleading is very popular here but I used to love watching the cheerleaders back home at the basketball games……..ahhhhhh the memories lol. I have noticed there are some cheerleading groups up here at the moment. I don’t know involved it is or what it’s like. Hopefully I can get Kamryn into it but she doesn’t seem to want to do much on the physical side lol.

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