whoo hoot wednesday

I havent done this for a while, and to tell the truth I dont feel much like whoo hooting cos I am still sick and have been for almost 2 weeks but heres trying to look at the bright side of life….ohhh great now I have that silly song stuck in my head…always look on the bright side of life hehehe….

anyway to whoo hooting lol

  1. I have been enjoying being this months guest designer for Little Shop Of Sketches its been a real challenge and great fun.
  2. I can finally enroll Katie at the new pre school opening in Richmond in october! YAH, got the enrollment forms yesterday.
  3. Steve has got 30 credits toward NCEA, most of his subjects are externally assessed so he is going to have to make sure he does really well in exams, which i am sure he will.
  4. Dad has recovered from his operation. even though it took lectures from all of us to get him to rest enough to recover and he is still insitant on going to Haast for the whitebait season next week. At least he is well enough to go.
  5. I got this months SBO kit and its yummmmmy….and I also brought 2 lots of Doodlebug flock and 2 lots of Dooblebug glitter which Andrea sent with the kit and they are all to cute for words…havent had a chance to use them yet but cant wait, might have to do a girly layout of Katie just so I can use them lol.

well thats a wahoo hoot from me this week…..this is my latest layout for LSOS sketch #13

the photo doesnt do the colours justice and I had to reprint the photos thanks to Katie’s overwhelming need to help, she took a pen to the orginally pictures…apparently she thought she would look better coloured blue. I didnt think she did. And now I have a lock on my scrapbook room door lol…another wahoo hoot…Katie cant get in and destroy my scrapbook room any more…while i was sick she got in several times and tipped things out and made a huge mess so the other day I went to Mitre 10 Mega and got a slide bolt and Dad put it at the top of the door out of madams reach,…..now if I could just lock it from the inside…I would never come out lol.

anyway this isnt getting things done

have a good day all




One thought on “whoo hoot wednesday

  1. Hannah says:

    Great idea to put a lock on the door, Vicky! Sounds like Katie is a scrapbooker in the making 😉
    Well done to Steve on his NCEA credits and I’m pleased that your Dad is making a good recovery. I hope you feel better soon!

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