it isnt just men who can suffer from Man Flu…seems like I have a good dose of it myself. On Friday I was feeling a bit peeky but went shopping in town anyway since I had to pick up Katie’s Pixie Photo. By the time I made my way around the warehouse and picked up the photo I was feeling pretty light headed and slightly nauseated so instead of going to Spotlight I packed Katie back into the car and heading home. I spent the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking and fighting the inevitable.  Saturday I made it as far as the couch and that’s where i stayed all day. Then Sunday morning after being up and down all night with Katie who is also sick, I got up with her at 8ish and lay on the couch feeling totally out of it. When Mum got up about half an hour later she sent me back to bed and I slept from about 9am until somewhere around 4ish. Still felt like someone had pounded me on the head with a hammer repeatedly not to mention shoved corks up my nose. and i havent got any better since then…well my throat has now joined in the fun and every bone in my body aches.

thank heavens for Mum, shes looked after Katie and Me as she always does, where would I be without her?

And now I am lying in my bed with Katie sound asleep beside me and thinking I really need to get that layout for Little Shop of Sketches done, I did have it finished but a certain little miss who shall remain nameless took a pen and scribbled over the photos yesterday, not to mention tipped out 2 containers of brads and who knows what else. I rue the day she learnt to open doors around here, nothing is safe any more. Think I will need to get a lock for my scrapbook room. I will just need to reprint the photos and replace the wrecked ones I hope, I have only had a quick glance at the damage.

well I am off to catch up on a bit of email before I have a snooze. take care all




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