falling behind



with all thats been going on lately I feel like I am falling behind in the forums and challenges. I have managed to get the important one done, the little shop of sketchesdesign monthly designer layout which i completed on Monday and am well into completing next weeks one, thanks Tanya Leigh for sending the sketch early, it gave me time to formulate a plan of attack lol. this is my layout out for sketch #12, its a truly terrible photo, the light was all wrong but the PP is Heidi grace and is beautiful with flocking on some of the birds and shimmery background, the background pp is making memories and i did a bit of digi manipulation with the photo, framed it and such. not all together happy with the whole layout but considering what i was dealing with at the time i don’t think its to bad.

Between Dads operation and recovery, Steve and Katie both coming down with a stomach bug that took them almost a week to shake, then Katie got a cold, conjunctivitis and an ear infection and has been sleeping in my bed more often than her own lately which means I don’t get to sleep much. Its been two weeks since I had a decent nights sleep and now its showing, I am getting sick. I have picked up Katie’s cold which means I cant take my injection today. I’m not allowed to have any infections when I take the injections because it lowers my immune system and can make it a lot worse very quickly and since I don’t have time for pneumonia again I will leave it until I feel better, it means I am going to have to rely a lot on codiene but hey thats life, I am use to it and swearing and throwing a taddy wont get me anywhere lol.

I took Katie to the doctor yesterday, it was a locum as my normal lovely dr was away, and he couldnt get over the fact that Katie was so big and so intelligent. His daughter is 3 weeks younger and isnt even doing half the things Katie is. But then we spend so mucht time teaching her, she picks everything up s quickly it makes it fun for both of us.

that and the fact she is just the most beautiful, intelligent and cutest little girl ever born lol…dont all mothers think that? The doctor didnt know I had RA and was really surpised when I told him, He called me amazing lol…to me its just what I have to do to raise our little 2 year old hurricane.  I am really lucky in the amount of help I get and having Mum and Dad here to jump in when I need them. It would be easier if I didnt have RA but I do so I just have to get on with it. 

And talking of hurricanes, time I gave her some medicine and then palm her off on her brother for half an hour so I can do some more work on this layout. Mum’s cooking tea…lucky lucky me…I hardly ever have to cook….my family dont trust my cooking for some reason….dont know why…I’ve havent killed anyone…yet!!! lol….have a good weekend all and hope its nicer weather at your place than it is here…its cold and wet sigh…again…roll on spring!




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