so much happening

what a week…definitly not one i would want to repeat. Dad went to the hospital on wednesday to have tests to see what was going on with his heart, he had to get a dye put through the main arteries to see where the blocks were. it left him feeling pretty bad when he got home that night. then on thursday he took a turn for the worse but being a kiwi block he didnt say a word until mid afternoon, my brother and his family where here from Blenhiem and he didnt want to worry them. how typical is that? just after they left he asked mum to call the doctor and take him down to get checked. well the doc took one look and called an ambulance. I had to jump on the phone and ring Anaru before he got to far out of Nelson. Luckily they had stopped at Richmond mall before heading home and they headed straight to the hospital to meet the ambulance while Mum drove in. I stayed at home and feilded phone calls and paced the floor. It was horrible, of course I was thinking the worst and in a real panic and Anaru was calling or textingfrom the hospital every half hour to let me know what was happening. Finally it came down to Dad being admited to the ICU and put on a monitoring machine and then yesterday he had to get 3 shints to open up the valves to his heart. Their like little pipes that go up through an artery in the groin and into the valve then open it up so he can breath easier.

He came home this morning and now has to rest. ever tried to get a old school kiwi bloke to rest??? talk about impossible. But thats mums job lol. its been a very scary time for all of us. Mum, Anaru and I were in the hospital all day yesterday while Anaru’s partner Geena looked after Katie with the help of Steve who was beside himself with worry. My nephew and his partner and daughter and my neice where here to so Geena brought Steve into the hospital. He was in tears when he saw his grandfather lying all pale in the hospital bed. IT was so sad.

and now, Dads home, Katies got a tummy bug and has had vomiting and diarrioa all day and Steve is not well either and everyone is so tired its not funny. Anaru and whanau are going home tomorrow and life will get back to normal. well as normal as it ever is lol.

the good news is I now the offical Guest Designer for August and September at the Little Shop of Sketches how exciting is that. I have been a MGD at Scrapbox once but thats the only other time I have had a chance to really show off 🙂 plus it gives me a chance to make use of my improved scrapbook room which i havent even had a chance to use yet. Tomorrow afternoon while Katie naps I shall get started, i took a few cute photos of Katie and Tahliya the last few days that I want to use on the sketch Tanya Leigh sent me yesterday.

anyway I am off to catch up on some email before I have an early night. Take care all

night night




One thought on “so much happening

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh Vicky, I’m so very sorry to hear about your Dad. He (and you) are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope he IS able to rest a little bit – I know it’s very hard for those staunch Kiwi men!
    Big ((Hugs))

    Congrats on your guest designer spot! 🙂

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