room photos

scrap room veiw 1

scrap room veiw 1

The room is finished. here is the finished product from the doorway. its kind of full but so much more workspace. I got the bright green and pink containers from Payless Plastics the other day but they are to big for the shelf. I wanted them to put the rub ons, stickers and alphas in but I might need to rethink them. they are so funky too.

Still havent found a permant home from all my papers yet though. Any ideas?

scrapbook room

scrapbook room scrap room veiw 1











and i forget to tell you I have a new hobby. I have taking up jewellery making. I started off stringing beads for Katie to help with my dexterity but I went to a garage sale on Saturday and the lady had a basket of very cool glass beads and the bits to make jewellery for sale and its something I have wanted to do for ages. it only cost me $20 for 3 small boxes of glass beads (one had a price tag of $24 on it and another $19) a pair of multi purpose pliers and some other bits. So far I have made a braceletand a necklace, its a good thing to do sitting in front of tv at night but last night i learnt the hard way why not to have the stuff out why Katie was around lol…you can guess the result..she wanted to “help” lol….needless to say she was anything but helpful!

anyway that’s me for tonight…time for some codeine and bed. night night all.



One thought on “room photos

  1. karooch says:

    Hey Vicky, didn’t you just have your room remodeled less than a year ago? Mind you I do like the spaciousness of your current layout. Except I know I would never be able to keep it that tidy.

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