busy busy

I have been so busy lately that my poor old blog is feeling neglected. sorry blog lol. Its just been one of those weeks were I havent seemed to stop.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my specialist. Good news is the Humira is doing its job really well, been improvement all round but the bad news is I may be looking at an operation on my back which has been giving me hell for the last few months. I have known for years that sooner or later I would need to get something done about it, I had a fall off a ladder years ago and cracked and displaced about 6 discs. Not fun but I had a xray yesterday and am just waiting to see what the doctor says. He thinks there maybe more displacement or it could just be an infection in my back. its all wait and see really.

and of course knowing my back is in a bad way what do i do today? strip out my scrap room and change it all around. What a difference, not finished yet but I got a folding trestle table yesterday and took the big cupboard out and cleaned out all the extra junk that seems to have snuck in. And of course impatient me couldnt wait until someone was around to help, I moved everything myself. and now I am paying for it, I hurt like nothing on earth.  So I Stopped about an hour ago and waited for Steve to get home to give me a hand. Hes such a good boy 🙂 where would I be without him.

Once everything is finished I will take a few photos and post them up.

I had some news from Tanya Leigh, I cant share just yet because she wants to put it on the Stampin Scrap blog first. But I am really excited and thats all I am saying…mean huh? lol.

Dad goes into hospital tomorrow for the tests on his heart and possibly to get shints put in. I am really worried about him. we all are. he looks health enough but gets so short of breath sometimes, its scary. And I cant even go into the hospital with him and mum tomorrow, they will be there all day and Katie would create chaos so she and I will stay home by the phone.

anyway back to work now the panadol have kicked in and Steve’s here to help.

more later




One thought on “busy busy

  1. Hannah says:

    Sorry to hear about your possible back surgery. But I guess if you need it, you need it.

    I hope your Dad’s tests are all clear – will be thinking of you. I’m sure it will be tough not being able to be with him, but hang in there.

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