some suggestions please

I am going to rearrange my scrapbook room, its not working for me the way it is. Its only a small room and at the moment its dominated by the free standing cupboard i got last year and has become a junk magnet. So I am getting rid of that, its going into the sleepout for Steves junk and putting up another long wide shelf for the cricut, cuttlebug and printer to live. Now i have decided to move all the shelves too. the long ones will go above the new shelf to keep things like paints and my vast collection of spice jars used for keeping little embellishments (brads etc), embossing powder. basically anything that isnt to wide as they are narrow shelves, great because everything is easy to see. Then I have another 3 wider shelves that are going on the other wall, i will grab another one from Mitre 10 Mega to make 4 and they can be used for bigger things.

the problem i have is all the things like Alpha stickers and rubons and that sort of thing, the things that are basically flat but need a good home. at the moment i have them in clear files and plastic bags which is not working at all. What does everyone else use to store these things? I need a little inspiration here. I thought maybe baskets or boxes but I like to have easy access and be able to see what I have. And the other problem is that really common one, storing PP and CS. I need a new way to store that as well, easy access and something that doesnt take up to much room.

Any and all ideas greatly excepted 🙂

also I see Scrapbox  is having a sale…havent had time to go look but plan to this afternoon…we all love a good sale, and I am a bargin hunter from way back lol…go take a look.

anyway I need to get moving, I have a cupboard to tackle, watch out trademe  here comes more of my bargins lol…if you want to look to see what i list my user name is vicky12. it will take me a few days to sort everything though but i dare say there will be lots of bargins.

take care all and have a great day




One thought on “some suggestions please

  1. Hannah says:

    I store my alpha sticker sheets in a large A4 folder with clear file pages inside. I put each set in a different file.
    My smaller packs of rub-ons I keep in a basket on my shelf. For larger ones, I clip them all onto a bull-dog clip and hang them on the wall right above my desk.

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