is it just me?

Ok need a little rant here. Is it just meor is there far to much smut on tv? I am not talking programs that are in “adult time” you know after 9.30pm, I am talking ads and plugs for programmes. The other day I was watching a movie with Steve in the afternoon, Spy Kids 2 and this ad came on advertising a bed and there was a couple all but having sex on it. Steve was so disgusted he got up and walked away. This was about 2 in the afternoon during the school holidays…And this evening there was an ad on for that How To have sex after marriage programme on during Shortland St. I was totally disgusted, it was pretty explicitand ok Katie isn’t old enough to understand but she was in the room when it was on and I really feel she doesn’t need to see that sort of thing. Steve is away in Queenstown so he wasn’t here to be very vocally disgusted but honestly what sort of message are we sending to kids having that stuff on tv at that time?  its just gross. Ok I am no prude but honestly its disgusting. there is a time and place for those sort of things and when kids could be watching is definitely not the time. Why cant it be keep for adult times? and as for that programme How to have sex after marriage…that’s taking reality TV far to far….its just ridiculous!

I have decided to write to TVNZ and TV 3 to complain. I have never done that before but I feel strongly about this, its getting to the point where kids cant be left to watch a kids movie, even Steve at 16 finds it disgusting!

thanks for letting me rant! what do you think? let me know, leave a comment.

night night



2 thoughts on “is it just me?

  1. Hannah says:

    Yes, I agree! I have noticed it getting a lot worse over the past 3 years or so. I should not have to explain to my 3- and 6-year-olds what “sex” is, because they heard it on an ad while they watched Spongebob! I know they will find out eventually, but it is disturbing that ads and promos for adult-type stuff can be on while kiddie shows are on.

  2. paperart says:

    I know exactly what you mean. We have the same problem here in Sweden, with explicit commercials – for both tv-programmes and other things – during kid’s tv-hours. I have complained, too! Why can’t they have these commercials during adult time?

    One more thing I don’t like – our film channels, which I pay to see, sends porn after midnight. I don’t wanna see that! I wanna see a great film! And not just on one channel – all of them! Yikes! The hours right after midnight is my tv-time (I have a sleeping disorder) and I want to watch some great movies then.

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