Are there any quilters out there that can help me? My late partners mother made him the most beautiful quilt for his 30th birthday which has got a patch that has been signed by his family and friends. When he died she gave the quilt to me and it has lived on my bed and been taken with me where ever i go ever since. the problem i have is it desperately needs washing and I don’t have a clue how to clean it. Unfortunately Chris’s mum passed away 18 month ago so i cant ask her. If you can help me I would really appreciate it, it has been machine quilted and is a real work of art. It would break my heart if anything happened to it. Its one of those things that keep that link alive between Chris and I and something for me to snuggle up to when i miss him most, which lately has been an aweful lot.

please post a comment if you can help. thanks




2 thoughts on “HELP!!

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m no expert and I’m not a quilter, but I have had experience with washing a quilt and doing it wrong!! A friend made a beautiful one for Ethan when he was born. I made the mistake of washing in the machine, and it’s never been quite the same since. It got quite out of shape.
    So … I would definitely handwash it, and whatever you do, don’t put it in the machine to spin it dry. I would think drying in the shade is the best idea, too.

    I’m sure somebody else will have more knowledge than me … otherwise you could perhaps find a quilting group online, they might be able to help you.

  2. angelgurl says:

    I will ask my mother in law on sunday. She makes hand made quilts and have one on our bed. She told me to handwash it and keep it in the shade to dry like Hannah said. But I will ask her about yours just in case she has some different advice.

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