wahoo wednesday

wahoo hoot wednesday


its that time of the week again…where did the week go? so what to wa hoot this week? hmmm

  1. got both layouts finished for Tanya Leighs design call. Yay!
  2. I ordered some very funky stuff from SBO and hopefully it will be here tomorrow
  3. Been shopping and brought myself 2 pairs of ultra comfy pants and a nice top. I never go shopping for myself so it was nice to find some thing i like for a change.
  4. spent some quality time with Mum while Dad was away for the weekend.

and thats about it for me this week….nothing exciting to report. I feel like I have been going non stop this week but in reality i haven’t achieved that much.

I have been plagued by headaches a lot lately, i think they have been brought on by the change in medication. its totally wearing, makes me so tired.

I have been trying to get through all these layouts, i still have 2 for Julia at Scrapbox that need to be done before friday so that will be my mission tomorrow. One of them has to be about me….eeekkk…i am so not good at doing me layouts. I did a BOM about 3 years ago but haven’t updated it since. And the other is a double layout, another problem…I have only ever done 2 doubles, they are not my forte. Never mind, time to suck it up and get on with it! I have procrastinated long enough

anyway head is aching and I have had a busy day so I am off to read my book for a bit…this is the good thing about winter…you can go to bed early with a good book and not feel guilty lol! Wahooot for Winter lol.


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