whoo hoot wednesday

wow this week went fast, must have been cos I had those 4 days sick…but I am pretty much back to my normal self now…so lets wahoooo hooootttt lol


  • Si called in today, hes one of my oldest and dearest friends, we have been friends since I was still in pigtails. Love him to bits! and his wife too….though Claire didnt come today.
  • went shopping and brought Katie a super cute wee dress and some very funky tights and myself…a sensible thermal top! I am so sensible sometimes lol
  • My parents good friends Bill and Patsy called in on their way back to the coast (thats Greymouth for those who dont know). Bill just happens to be the father of one of my best friends Sandee who is also Katies godmother so I quickly printed off some new photos of Katie for them to take back to Greymouth for Sandee.
  • I did a layout it in less than an hour tonight! and it was a summer layout to warm me up lol…will post it tomorrow when I have charged my camera batteries.
  • And last but not least…The prize that Andrea sent me last week finally arrived today…the one from the May SBO layout comp….2 bottles of MM paint, a card of MM ribbons and some Kaiser bling…I am so spoilt! Andrea must know I am a ribbon junkie lol. Oddly enough one of the paints was one I was contemplating buying, how weird is that?

well Happy Wednesday Night one and all…I am off to steal some of Mum’s sultana loaf she just got out of the oven. Yum, perfect thing for this sort of weather. Night Night All


One thought on “whoo hoot wednesday

  1. Hannah says:

    Great list of things to be happy about there, Vicky! Nothing wrong with being sensible and buying thermal tops … I’m guessing you will be needing them down your way!
    Yay for new scrapping supplies – that definitely deserves a woo hoot!

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