Something to do with a maya road tin

take one empty Maya Road Alpha tin and a silent setter and a bit of time and you too can have somewhere to store all those ribbons that seem to keep piling up.

On Saturday morning I was mucking around in my scrapbook room trying to find a way to store the big pile of ribbons that I have in jars all over the place when it came to me…Maya Road tins have that acetate square in the lid, my silent setter will go through acetate…hmmmmm….so out with an empty tin and a bit of trial and error I finally measured out a grid 1 inch intervals and more or less punched holes where i marked, the marks sort of rubbed off a bit.  But it worked…and of course I had to decorate it, and then in went the ribbons in no particular order. I cant say I put them in neatly but it does the trick.

top view

view 2

cheap, easy and functional. what more can you need? I might have to make a few more, I have heaps of ribbon that needs a permante home!.

I have had a creative time of it lately, notice boards, ribbon boxes and a few other things in my head that i want to make.  But first I have plans for my scrapbook room….I need to expand the bench surface, So I am going to add another wide shelf slightly narrower than the desk shelf I put in last year. Take out the big cupboard that is a junk magnet and put up more shelves…now we arent shifting there are things I can do that I havent bothered before and I am now getting heaps of ideas. Watch this space lol….well more later…I need a cuppa


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