busy day

today was so busy..we had an open home (our last YAY) so Mum and I got the house work out of the way as quick and as early as we could then we went into town, picked up Steve and went to The Brook nature reserve to see some Kakapo chicks which was totally amazing. there is only about 80  left in the world so it was really special to be able to see these ones, I took a heap of photos which I will download off my camera tomorrow and post a few. it was a once in a lifetime experience. Something you normally only get to see on TV. Now Dad wants to volunteer to help preserve these beautiful birds. He has so much to offer, being a bush man from way back. The only time I have been close to something like that was when I was a kid and Dad rescued a Kiwi that got caught in a possum trap and Anaru and I got to hold it. I remember it being sort of fluffy feeling, I think it must have been quite young…but so was I lol…the Kakapo sort of looked fluffy too..and very ungainly…no wonder they came so close to extinction, they don’t fly and are really clumsy but in a sweet clownish sort of way, they were adorable.

from there we went to Auntie Wendys to see my cousin Luke who is up from Queenstown for a few days, we spent the rest of the afternoon at there and now Auntie Wendy has hired Steve to strip the wallpaper off her bathroom which she is doing up. More money toward his xbox.

we grabbed fish and chips on the way home then just about as soon as we got home the phone started ringing lol…the real estate agent, 2 parties through the open home and shes coming out tomorrow to talk about it. then Mum rung Shane for his birthday but he wasnt home, then Geoff (oldest brother) rung, then Anaru (youngest brother) rung…hes going to be a grandad again…Marlon andhis girlfriend are going to be parents again, 2nd time and not even 17 yet…I dont think he knows what causese it lol…but they have plenty of support…they will be ok. Then Shane rings (middle brother) lol….but at least I got to give Anaru a hard time and have a good talk to Shane….Shane and I have the best relationship….hes really the only one of all my brothers I can really talk to about anything. And I got to ask him if him and his wife would be Katie and Steve’s guardians if anything happened to me…and he almost cried…big sook lol….I really love my brothers but Shane is my special brother.

and anyway in between all these phone calls I managed to get the SketchBook fortnightly challenge done…and I have to say…I reallllly love the layout! it took 2 hours which is good for me…considering how many times i changed my mind on papers and then talking on the phone…then changing my mind again lol…but it looks great…I will take a photo and post that tomorrow too.

but right now….I am buggered….So bed time fo me….night night all.


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