Saturday Night and nothing to do!

The amazing SBO kit arrived on Friday…was that only yesterday? Its sooo girly and sweet and is going to be great to do some super girly layouts of our wee Madam! the best part had to be the glimmer mist….Andrea you have created a monster lol….one wee spray and I knew it was the product I had been waiting all my (scrapbooking) life for….I’m hooked and I havent even done a layout with it yet lol. And but wait there is more…Andrea forgot to put in my prize and the goodie bag from National Scrapbooking day so she has sent that to me also…..another parcel to look forward to…Yay Andrea!! I love parcels from SBO! Still waiting for the grunge board to come back in…but it will arrive…i noticed that all the web sites are out of grungeboard elements so there must be a shortage. I am sure Andrea will get it out to me as soon it comes in.

Did anyone see Shortland St this week??? Omg Toni dying freaked me out…you see I only have one Kidney and to see someone go down so quickly like she did was scary for me…one kidney and no immune system to speak off….its something I try not to think about but that particular story line cut close to the bone. 

Mum is forcing me to watch the finally of American Idol…the only good part so far is Bryan Adams…I find this program over dramatic rubbish…but Mum likes it and there’s nothing else on so Ce la vie….I think I might have an early night and read instead…I’ve got a headache that just wont go away….I am still getting over a minor flare up that’s been plaguing me for the last few days.  So I think I will take my pills and go to bed…at least the book is well worth reading lol….I love David Eddings


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