a late whoo hoot wednesday

I was busy last night with Steve’s birthday so didnt get a chance to whoo hoot 🙂

whoo hoot

  • Steve turning 16…I’m so proud of him for all his hard work and being the awesome kid he is!
  • Winning a prize at SBO for the May LO comp. which will hopefully be here today! I am proud of me! 🙂
  • Katie learning some of her colours, I think yellow is her favourite 🙂

that’s about it for this week…its been a week of ups and downs really, a bit of a hard week with decisions to be made about the house. with all the doom and gloom on the media about house prices and interest rates and all that we have decided to take the house off the market once the contract with the agent runs out in 5 weeks. Not exactly ideal but the prices are dropping constantly and if we drop our price any lower we will lose money. In saying that, our agent rung last night and told us she has 2 interested parties that are coming to the open home on Sunday. So we will just have to wait and see.

on other news…well my meds are getting to me…added another one this week as my red blood count was seriously low at my last blood test. another direct result of med side effects. I am sure I am on more medication for the side effects than I am for the actually illness. I now have a grand total of 13 pills a day and that’s not counting the extra panadol and codeine that i need to take some days and then injection I have to pump into myself once a fortnight. out of those 13 there is only 3 that are for the actual RA, the rest are all to combat the side effects of those 3 and then combat the side effects of the pills for the side effects! OMG no wonder I feel like a druggie lol! My brother reckons my pill box would be worth a fortune on the black market lmao! but at least the box is pretty! hehehe trust me to think like a scrapbooker…but the colours are cool..I just got 2 new boxes to sort them out into daily doses, I take an empty one to the chemist once a week and swap for a full one. I dont even need to put them in the boxes, its all done for me. No more thinking and trying to remeber doses. But its a bit sad when the local chemist not only knows you by name but by illness and medication lol….I have a fantasitc chemist….She even rings me to make sure I have the right doses and then double checks with my doctor and my specialist,….hows that for going the extra mile?

anyway the house work is staring at me…..wish it wouldnt do that every morning sigh, it could look the other way for a while….just this once lol….or do its self…wouldnt that be great? a self cleaning house…every womans dream!

but I dont have a self cleaning house so I suppose I better go do it!

have a great day everyone 🙂


One thought on “a late whoo hoot wednesday

  1. paperart says:

    Love this blog of yours and has added it to the ones I check every day!

    I’m also on meds, so I recon the way you feel about them. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia, and live in Sweden.

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