more showing off :o)

I gave my scrapbook room a really good clean yesterday, got rid of Steve’s computer which is in bits and just taking up space and stacked up the mountain of magazines up, took down one shelf and put up a bigger one for my printer and PP’s which are now all neatly filed by make in bags. cleaned out the big mess under my desk as well now I m just waiting for Steve to put the shelf up again, this time higher, it was used for Steve’s screen but now I can use it for a few of the heaps of glass jars I seem to have collected.
Now the room is nice and clean of course I just had to scrapbook, this layouts been running around my head for a week now and it just fell together (after a bit of rearranging and changing from PP to cardstock and back again lol) The photo was taken last week while I was playing around with my new camera and discovered how simple the timer was to use. Its hard getting photos of me and the kids so the timer is great, my old camera didnt have one.

The K & Co papers I used are a lot more vibrante than they look in the photo. I got them from SE before Meg closed down and they are so CUTE!! the base paper is a border paper and the bird is made out of the full pattern paper. I need to get more of that paper….I just love all the bright colours and the funky pattern.

Tomorrow is Steve’s 16th Birthday…OMG I feel old! it sort of snuck up on me as his birthday always does…I cant believe he is going to be 16…and he has matured so much this last year…not to mention grown about 2 foot lol….how can you expect a kid to take you seriously if your telling off their chin (and that’s only if I look up!!) He’s the sort of son any mum would be proud of…he gets excellent grades, doesn’t go to parties, would rather play xbox than drink, docent smoke, thinks boy racers are idiots and is focused on the future. not to mention tall and handsome and loving…what more could a mum want??? He’s simply awesome!

anyway time for me to go make a cuppa….and get the fire going…its going to frost tonight..brrrr….the best thing about winter is curling up by the fire!


One thought on “more showing off :o)

  1. Hannah says:

    Gorgeous layout! I love the colours 🙂
    Happy B’day to Steve … he sounds like an amazing kid, well done to you! You raised him good!

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