a win and a show off lol

I can’t believe it…I got a prize for my entry into the May SBO challenge! how cool is that? Thanks SBO design team! and Thank you Vicky Gibson  for your awesome RAK of grungeboard….it will be well used and much appericated you lovely lady!

Also tonight I have some showing off to do…I have finally got around to taking photos of some of my latest layouts…some going back a month…You would think that now I have a brand new camera i would go mad with it but I am still learning how to use it and not doing a very good job of it lol….good things take time.

anyways some layouts…first up, using some of the May SBO kit and some of that awesome grungeboard (which btw goes through the cricut if I maximise the settings) add in some heidi swapp letters and tulle then cut out the logo from a label off an Illicit sweatshirt Jodi brought (yes I do keep weird things lol) oh and the beautiful mob featured are my boys Jodi (19) and Steve (15) and my beautiful nieces Chayna (18) and Teina (15)when they came home from Aussie in Feb.

we rock

Next we have a layout that I have been trying to get the photos for for almost a year. Katie loves Mickey Mouse so when I stumbled across a Jolee Mickey Mouse on trademe for $1 res I grabbed it…and it sat in my stash for almost a year until I took these photos..mean time I also found the bottle caps and stickers…I didn’t like this layout when I first finished it…but its grown on me and Katie loves it.

painting mickey

and finally the ultimate girly girly layout….every now and then I get the urge to go completely girly and pretty pretty with lots of flowers and bling. it was the paper that inspired this layout…and the fact that I had just worked out how to combine the ball point glue pen i have and micro glitter to highlight features on the layout.  The photo was taken ages ago…and I played with it in Paintshop Pro just as long ago…its been manipulated…re sized….framed and masked…then printed and glamed lol….this didn’t escape the micro glitter process either 🙂 I highlighted the fairy wings Katie was wearing and some of the flowers on the photo.

girly fairy

this was a layout of pure pleasure for me…I really enjoyed making it and continue to enjoy it…so many of my layouts these days are done for comps that I don’t often allow myself free rein just to create for creations sake which made this all the more fun….I have great fun with comps but sometimes i need to step back and remember why I scrapbook….because I love the creation process….and I love buying supplies lol…

there’s only one layout left from the most recent ones and that is the entry I did for Sketch Books inaugural fortnightly sketch comp which can be found by clicking here there is some awesome layouts there already, I dont think I stand a chance…the talent is amazing….all the ladies in the forum went hard out and showed their very best….but the layout was great to do…and I have wanted to document the height difference betweetn Katie and Steve for ages…..Katie is forever looking up at Steve as if she doesnt really believe anyone could be so tall…..But then I am constantly surprised how tall he is….I have no choice but to look up these days….its very hard for a kid to take you seriously when your telling off their chin!!! LOL

anyways thats enough from me tonight….Steve is hovering to use the computer….he wants to do a CV so he can apply for a job after school and in weekends, what a good boy I hear you say….nah….he just wants an xbox 360 lol….Jodi’s friend Morgan picked Jodi’s xbox to take up to NP for him which has left Steve dazed and confused without a controller in his hand lol….anyway i need an early night….was up half the night with Katie last night.

niters one and all


2 thoughts on “a win and a show off lol

  1. Hannah says:

    Lovely layouts, Vicky! And congrats on your prize from SBO.
    Good luck with the sketch challenge – don’t be so hard on yourself, you have a great chance of winning! And it’s fun to complete and challenges and push yourself out of your comfort zone – I am enjoying seeing all the work in the gallery, look forward to seeing yours too! 🙂

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