Whoo Hoot Wednesday

stole this idea from Janine Thanks Janine

whoo hoot wed

whoo hoot wed

  1. Katie is finally calling me Mummy (after 2 1/2 years of watching her call everyone else in the family by name except me lol)
  2. I found the funkest stiffened felt at Spotlight that goes through the cuttlebug like a dream.
  3. I got to spend the weekend with 2 of my brothers and my beautiful Neice and great niece.
  4. inspiration has finally returned and i have some great ideas for layouts
  5. Sketchbook has a great sketch for their first fortnightly challenge which I cant wait to have a crack at.
  6. Vicky Gibson has offered to send me some grungeboard! how much does that rock?? and not only that…she reads my blog! Someone who’s work i really admire reads my blog!
  7. I finally got the Cosmo Cricket Chipboard Alphas that I brought from Meg (ex SE owner) off TM about a month ago and NZ Post lost…Meg was nice enough to replace them for me….isnt she awesome?

and thats about me for whoo hoot wednesday this week….what an awesome idea to celebrate the little postives in our lives, the ones that so often get overlooked in daily life.

Your turn!


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