the things you forget

Katie has moved from her cot to a bed finally but I forgot how hard it is to keep them in bed. She was great the first night, she climbed in and fell asleep really fast, she was so tired. But last night we put her to bed after she feel asleep on Dad’s knee and then she woke at 2am and woud not stay in her bed, she was up and down like a yoyo until I threw her into bed with me at about 4ish and she sat there playing with her toys until she fell asleep on my arm just before 5…And I have been a zombie all day….had a meeting with the real estate agent and I was completely oblivous to what was going on….i have no idea what I have agreed to. I’m sure it wasnt to drastic…I hope lol….anyway now back to little miss…she last 5 mins in her bed tonight and came wandering out to the lounge so I put her back in her cot….I am not up to the chase games tonight. and now shes doing a grizzle because she cant get out….wee witch!!! she can pack one when she wants to…not often but when shes tired she will go to town like she is now. as much fun as this phase is in a lot of ways there are some ways that are just not fun at all.

I have half a dozen ideas for layouts at the moment…lack of motivation is my biggest problem, that and extreme tiredness lol…I got the latest copy of Scrapbook Creations today and that has inspired me and the lovely Vicky Gibson from SBO has offered to send me some grungeboard…isnt she just lovely? I have to say the ladies at SBO have been going all out to get things back on track for poor Andrea in the last few weeks.

Yay Katie has finally crashed…..I am off to bed after Coro St….I have a good book that will proably hit the floor in 5 mins flat lol.

nite nite all….sorry….boring post tonight….but watch this space….it can only get better 🙂


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