fairy notice board

after getting this idea from MaramaDaisy‘s blog, I spent all afternoon making this cool notice board  for Katie’s room. A word of advice if your going to make one, make sure you line up the ribbon lattice first and sew the buttons through the wadding etc before sticking the wadding down to the board otherwise the buttons are REALLY hard to sew on lol.


I used a thin 5 OZ painting canvas from the Warehouse ($14 for 2)for the backing but you could use heavy card. The material is from spotlight of course ($3 a meter..Bargin! lol) about meter and a half depends on material width ( Katie picked out the fairies lol. I used a mix of ribbons that I had on hand so not sure how many meters you would need, I am geussing about 5 or 6 meters. I brought a meter of wadding but only needed about half a meter (plenty left over for another one.) and a dozen or so buttons.

I added a bit of bling since Katie loves bling (she ummmm helped if you can call it that) and real mix of buttons featuring her favourite things (apples, hearts, cats etc) it was fun to make. Now I need to do one for Steve’s room….these things are fun to make.


Steve’s picked out comicbook hero type material for his. Will have to pick some up on Monday when I go into town.

Katie and Steve have really bad colds and are miserable but Katie is still so funny…she runs over and grabs a tissue from the box and does this big sneeze lead up aaahh aaaahhh aaaaahhhh then holds the tissue up to her nose and lets out a totally fake sneeze lol…..its a crack up

time for tea…Have a good Queen’s Bday weekend


3 thoughts on “fairy notice board

  1. gypsykate says:

    never thought to use that idea on a layout…might have to try that.
    would look in Katie’s room if she would leave it hanging on the wall…she keeps pulling off that wall so she can play wit the buttons lol

  2. shornsheep says:

    Hi there! 🙂

    My first visit to your blog. Think I got here via Janine’s blog.

    What a neat idea this is. Looks like a wee girl’s dream noticeboard design to me. 🙂

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