Sorry Julia

sorry Julia and anyone else that i was mean to in my last post…I didnt mean to upset anyone with my comments…just having a moan…do you ever get disenchanted with how small NZ’s scrapbook world is? seems we are always the last to get the new products and yet kiwi scrapbookers on a whole are very inventive.  Maybe thats why…we need to be.

talking of inventive…i dragged a few old techniques out of the closet tonight…literally….dragged my old MM coloured staples from the back of the cupboard….wow nearly got lost doing it…what a mess in there lol…and tried a few new things with them….grunged up a layout for the teens….and pondered how to go about developing my own line of products for that age group….my boys dont suit the style for teens out at the moment…I mean I couldnt imagine scrapbooking a picture of Jodi with all his tattoos and peircings with most of even the funky stuff out now….hes to hard rock for that! and though Steve isnt as hardline as Jodi hes by no means soft and has his own peircing (both boys have tongues done, Jodi also has a nipple and just above his chin and I am not asking where else lol. he also has about half a dozen tattoos). though I have to admit the cratepaper pp i used tonight was kinda cool…its from the Static collection ( and came in this months SBO kit which arrived last week and sort of suited the photos. Will post the layout when I have finished it.

I wonder how someone goes about starting their own scrapbooking line? How did Heidi Swapp do it…or Elsie (my hero) Flannigan….is it even possible to do in little ol NZ….I have the ideas….just need to know how to put them out there….sigh…it’ll never happen…but its nice to dream….and talking about which….time I went to check little lady (shes sleeping her big girl bed for the first time tonight Omg…shes growing up! *tear*) and go off to my bed….night all

ps…thanks for sending me the message Julia, I’m really sorry, I do love Scrapbox and not just because its local…I’m also still in shock that someone actually reads my blog…didnt think anyone did….kind of use to talking to myself lol….


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