Elsie inspired

I have run out of inspiration just the last few days…been trying to work on a layout featuring my boys and their cousins who are all in the 15 to 19 age bracket and have had trouble coming up with a Cool trendy and very funky layout…so who else to turn to for cool inspiration but the Miss Funky of the scrapbook world Elsie Flannigan. I have a growing stash of Love. Elsie products and just love them and now SBO is getting more in…ohhh yah! there goes the bank account lol….but back to Elsie….she rocks!!! have you been to her blog A Beautiful Mess ??? you need to go…talk about inspiring and funky!

So now I have the inspiration but lack the motivation…my excuse now…I am waiting for the order from SBO to arrive with the grunge board in it….I have fallen in love with grunge board and ordered the elements pack which has the skull and crossbones that will look great painted black and highlighted with white spots or such like….i can see it in my head as I type now lol….inspiration is back…thanks to Elsie!!

time for a cuppa….ohh man its cold!


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