still here

well the house has been on the market for 2 months now and not a bite. a combination of a bored real estate agent and a down turn in the market means we are still here and still waiting. The thing about selling your house is that your whole life goes on hold while you wait and wait and clean and clean.  I am wanting to put Katie into preschool but I cant until I know where we are going to be, I dont want to get her settled somewhere only to have to move her if its to far away from where we live.

And not only the issues with Katie…Mum and I are so sick of the constant cleaning and having a 2 year old in the house makes it so much easier doesnt it? lol

In other news…Sending out postive happy thoughts to Andrea from SBO  who is in hospital at the moment. Best wishes for a quick recovery Andrea hope you get better real soon. Please stop by the SBO forum and leave Andrea a message to help her feel better. Hospital is horrible at the best of times but when you have a young family and a business to run its even worse.  Get well soon Andrea.

I have been doing bits and peices of scrapping lately. I made Mum a bunch of flowers for mothers day, 14 flowers for her 14 grandchildren. I will take a photo and post it as soon as i get round to it.  Its the first time i have made flowers with my cricut and it was so much fun i might have to make myself some. I always make things i like for other people, mainly Mum, but I never make them for myself. Though I did make myself a storage box for embellishments a few weeks ago complete with an owl and swirls. another thing I need to take a photo of.

I got a new camera the other day after leaving mine in the park a few weeks ago, not the smartest move. Thank goodness for insurance huh? My camera, bag and my glasses all left on a park bench while I went to comfort Katie after a fall then walked away and forgot to grab it.  Talk about feel stupid. but now I have a cool new camera and new glasses which will be ready later in the week and are pink! how funky is that? I have always got the most sensible and boring glasses but this time I broke the mould. I might even let Steve take a photo of me (OMG) so I can show off lol.

anyway sore hands so time to go. dont forget to say hi, I have a new hopping so make sure you leave me directions 🙂



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