been awhile

i have been trying to get a post done for ages but between computer crashes, vistors and trying to sell this house i don’t seem to have had enough time or energy.

its now been a week since my brother, sister in law and nieces went home and i miss them already. it was so good having them here and we all had a great time. we even made a trip to Golden Bay where Shane and I (and the rest of our siblings) grew up and did a bit of a nostalgic tour, even visited the old primary school that is no longer there except for the swimming pool (that my dad helped build) and the tennis court. it was very strange going there after 20 odd years.

and of course when in Golden Bay you must go to the beach. in our case it was always Ligar Bay and it didn’t let us down, though Katie decided to take a dip clothes, nappy and all….apparently i used to do exactly  the same on that exact same beach when i was her age lol.

in all it was a great couple of weeks and they went home rested and recharged.

then of course there had to be a drama sigh…Jodi found out his girlfriend Char was cheating on him…..and kicked her out, on Monday night! i don’t blame him for being angry so was i, we took her into our home and trusted her and she betrayed not only Jodi’s trust but ours as well. Anyway she has now gone back to her parents in New Plymouth and good riddance. Jodi was a little upset but more relieved that anything else. Now he’s making plans to go over to Aussie to work, and Shane has offered to help him find a job and a place to stay. it will do him the world of good to get away and be 19, just have fun and not be tied down.

another thing, my darling laptop is away at the laptop hospital getting fixed, its so sad, it started overheating and being stupid so i had to take it in to be fixed, i am so glad i got the 5 year warranty when i brought it.

so that’s me this week, i am have been flat out scrapbooking since the only computer i can use is in my scrapbook room so i am in here a few hours a night anyway. i am trying out all sorts of new styles and experimenting a lot, trying to get out of my scrapbooking rut and try new things. when my laptop gets back i will take some photos of my latest layouts and post them mean time tonight’s layout is finished….i think……i feel like it needs something else lol

any night night……i’ll come back to it tomorrow and look with fresh eyes.


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