12 GLASS JARS, originally uploaded by gypsykate.

I have finally jumped over that fine line between organised to obssessed! I got so sick of sorting through all the letters in my vast stash just to find one that i decided to do something about it. so off to the $2 shop and got a dozen of these little glass jars to organise my letters into. Now I am thinking I should have got bigger jars lol, i may have to invest in enough so there is one letter in each jar, or is that going to far????? I think my scraproom needs to be featured in a layout before we move, i may never get one like it again! I am so going to miss my wee room!

we saw the most beautiful house today….sigh….it was so nice….i want it….but it wouldnt really suit all our needs and its also already got an offer on it, subject to house sale. And we havent sold ours yet though the sign finally went up yesterday and it looks fab! so heres hoping someone walks in this Sunday and falls in love with the place and buys it. well dreams are free!

time for tea cooking….have a nice night all.




2 thoughts on “12 GLASS JARS

  1. karooch says:

    Love your organisation Vicky. I’m always impressed by folk who can keep their stuff organised. I have to downsize my scrapping area in the next few weeks and I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with all my unorganised stuff.

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