its the little things

have you ever noticed the little things are the most annoying when living with other people? take just now for instance, i was watching a bit of tv with a few scrapbook ideas buzzing in my head and thought i would go and have a bit of a muck around in my scrap room before bed but I can’t because Char is in there using the computer! GGGrrrrrr…… drives me nuts, i know i am very lucky to have a great scrap room like i have but i hate sharing it!, even if its the only place the family computer can get onto the internet being the only computer not on the wireless network but still….would have been nice if she had of asked first!

Dont mind me….just having a little vent, its been stressful the last few weeks getting the house ready to go on the market and now we have just found how many people are coming for Mum’s birthday next week…..try nearly the whole family, more than we had at christmas and that was a houseful. Mum’s birthday is on the 29th, Leap year so we also celebrate her birthday in a big way, normally with a huge family gathering but we have an open home on the sunday and its going to be chaos around here! more stress!!

add to that house hunting and Dad wanting to buy a house right on the otherside of Nelson, only about 3/4 of an hour away from Steves school, and Mum wanting one in Brightwater which at least is on the right side of Nelson but still a bit futher out of Richmond than we planned. Then there is the envitable arguements about who gets the biggest bedrooms and who gets what space. I am just happy with a good size bedroom and an office to scrapbook in. it would be nice to have my own bathroom and maybe a lounge to get away from the kids but its not going to happen so dreams are free. As long as Mum and Dad get a space to watch their tv and get away from the rest of us, cos honestly i dont want to watch dads documentaries all night every night!!!! its bad enough watching mums diy programs all the time! maybe i will get an office with enough space to set up my wee tv, then i could scrap and watch at the same time lol.

anyway time for bed,…..nighters all


One thought on “its the little things

  1. Hannah says:

    Wow, it sounds quite stressful for you at the mo! I can’t imagine living with that many other people, so kudos to you for managing so well! I’m sure things will all sort themselves out. Perhaps when you do move to a new place, that could be a good time to set out some “rules” about things such as asking before using the computer, etc! Better time than ever, when you’re making a fresh start.
    I hope the party for your Mum goes well, and that you get it all cleaned up for the Open Home! 🙂

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