can’t sleep

Its 1am and most normal people are asleep now but ever since i started taken this new injection i have had trouble sleeping so at a time when i should be at least trying to sleep i am lying in bed writing this and contemplating my next layout and wondering why my keyboard keeps sticking and wishing the pains in my stomach would go away. They have been there nearly a week now, feels almost like labour pains except not as bad but i wish they would bugga off. i better make a doctors appointment tomorrow now my doctor is back from her holiday.

man i burble alot at this time of the night. anyway whats new around here? Mum has been hard out painting Katie’s bedroom and the hallway ready to put the house on the market so the rather hideous orange and blue colour scheme in Katies room that i have been mean to do something about for a year has finally gone, replaced with a nice neutral shade of creamy white, a bit sterile for my liking but a definite improvement. Personally I like colour but as long as it sells i dont really care.

we have also been looking around for houses, we have settled on either Richmond or Monaco which is a pretty little almost island like settlement not far from Richmond and sort of sticking out into the inlet. Unfortunatly houses dont come up around there often and definitly not in the size we are looking for but you never know. Its a lovely spot with water almost all the way around and unfortunatly the airport sort of tucked behind it but far enough away that we can escape the noise if we can find a place at the end of the point. Thats a big IF but our real estate agent has a place lined up thats coming on the market that may suit. we will just have to wait and see. Dad is still protesting quietly, he would love to stay here, he decided the other day that if we win lotto we will buy a water front apartment in town and i can live there whenever him and mum are away, now we just have to win lotto, those apartments dont exactly come cheap! lol

another thing thats happening around here is the dreaded potty training has begun and Katie is not impressed at all! lol i have a feeling this is going to take a while but it had to start eventually I suppose and I do want to get her out of nappies before the end of summer. the next thing is out of the cot and into her big bed. I must admit i have been avoiding these things and trying to keep her a baby as long as i can, it goes far to quick for my liking, shes already far to independent!

anyway its almost 1.30 and its time i got some sleep. Nite nite all, sweet dreams


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