baby its hot out there

its sooooo hot, even now at 9pm its still really warm though i must admit i have just been outside and its lovely out there but inside its like an oven even with the windows open and the fan going. ohhh for air conditioning! the next house we buy is going to have air conditioning!!!

well i think we have finally come to a decision about our house, as some of you know i share a house with my parents, my 2 teenage sons, one sons girlfriend and of course my 2 year old daughter Katie. the house is set on 1 and 1/2 acres and is 4 bedrooms now after building a small granny flat into the attached garage for my folks and we are nearly finished a sleepout in what was suppose to be Dad’s workshop attached to the new double garage we built last year. And now we have decided to sell up!

The biggest problem we have is the size of the section which is to big for me to maintane when my parents are away which is about 7 to 8 months a year. we brought the house just 3 months before i got RA and when we brought it we thought it would be perfect, 20 mintues out of Richmond, nice quiet area, plenty of room to have a few animals running around in the paddock but then i got sick and now i need to be closer to Richmond as driving can be hard when i am flaring up, i also cant walk down the driveway which is steep, long and gravel, which means i cant even take Katie for a walk. so now we are looking for a suitable place close to Richmond which will not only make things easier for me but for the kids as well, both Jodi and his girlfriend work in Richmond and Steve goes to school there and i am looking to get Katie into a daycare for a few days a week this year.

Dad isnt to keen on the idea but can see the practical side, it took him to be laid up with a damaged ankle for a week before he realised my points, when he couldnt mow the lawn and had to wait for the boys to get round to it in typical teenage procrastion and he couldnt get down the driveway and had to rely on mum to run him around he realised that i wasnt just moaning lol…..typical male!!! as for mum well she is completely practical, if we sell we will be able to dramatically reduce the mortgage as prices out here have risen over the last 18 months and add that to the improvements we have made we could be looking at a nice profit. and since we wont be looking for lifestyle blocks but just a simple house with at least 5 bedrooms. i am reluctant to give up my scrapbook room now i finally have how i want it but sacrfices must be made and its always possible i maybe able to get one bigger and better if i am lucky.

anyway watch this space, no doubt i will be adding more news in the near future but right now I need to go to bed, this heat has worn me out. by the way…no sign of chicken pox yet and after taking Katie to the doctor this morning for a bad nappy rash brought on by the heat (her first ever!) and he looked her over and said there wasnt a hint of chickenpox and long may that last, its to hot for her as it is!

anyways nite nite all


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