belated happy new year

A Belated Happy New Year to one and all. its been a busy time around here, vistors and family all over the place. seems a constant stream of vistors over the last few weeks, some for a few days or a week and some just for a few hours. It’s slowed down now but it seems this holiday season everyone that was anyone headed to Nelson (well anyone from our family that is) it was good to see them all, some of the cousins and uncles and aunties i havent seen for years so it was great but its also great to see everyone go home and have the house to ourselves again. the last vistors, my sister in law and nephew and his girlfriend, headed home on the 3rd, and we have had various other people pop in over the last week or so that have been holidaying in Nelson over the season. My cousin and her family came in just after new year and she rung yesterday to tell me her kids are both down with chicken pox so i will have to keep an eye on Katie who no doubt will pick it up, well rather now than when shes a lot older. i was 17 when i had chicken pox and it was horrible so i would rather she got it over and done with while shes little.

at the moment shes got a nasty rash in a place no female wants a rash, i think it has something to do with the heat we have had over the last few weeks. its raining today at last, we need it to cool the air down, even if it does play hell with my joints.

talking of which, geuss who was sick over christmas and new year. i got a cold off mum, nice christmas pressie huh? lol and it ran through my whole body and got into every joint and muscle. i knew there was a bigger risk of infection with this Humira injection but i didnt expect it to get that bad, for a while there i thought i would end up in hospital again. it took almost 10 days to shake it off and even now i am still feeling the effects, still getting tired easy and stuff. But i will survive.

Now that things are getting back to normal I have managed to clean out my scrapbook room yesterday, even the cupboard and its there waiting for me to scrap some of the hundreds of photos that got taken over christmas. so watch this space, but right now i need to go and get Katies pjs ready while mum baths her.


One thought on “belated happy new year

  1. Hannah says:

    Happy New Year to you too, Vicki! It’s nice to hear an update from you. No wonder your blog has been quiet, it sounds like you’ve been really busy hosting family & friends. Nice to see them all but like you say, also nice to have your own place back and a bit of peace and quiet.

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